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  1. silverbantam
    silverbantam Storck
    Can you please tell me why I can only see the City related forums and not the general ones?
    1. Storck
      Follow the link provided and all is explained
      Dec 31, 2016
  2. The Granby Mullet
  3. Smartmart70
    We love you City we do
  4. The Manchester Bantam
    The Manchester Bantam
    If I had a tail, I'd swat the flies...
  5. Heaton Bantam
    Heaton Bantam
    Undermine pompous authority, reject moral standards, make anarchy & disorder your trademark. Cause as much chaos & disruption as possible.
  6. Borisbantam 2
    Borisbantam 2
    "We've been robbed!...........DO YOU THINK SO?"
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  7. Stan the Sheffield bantam
    Stan the Sheffield bantam New Zealand Bantams
    Mr birdy this is Sheffield calling !! Are you still alive ???
    [email protected]
  8. funnyoldgame
    funnyoldgame giveusani
    My mobile is 07952927328.
  9. funnyoldgame
    funnyoldgame giveusani
    Hi is the bolton ticket still available ?
  10. Zonnebloem
    Living in Belgium since 1983. Should I stay or should I go?
  11. paraders
  12. paraders
  13. Mickey bantam
    Mickey bantam PNS1945
    Sorry about the poop I must have touched it by mistake .
  14. Heaton Bantam
    Heaton Bantam
    On the roof of the 19 bus
  15. knightmccall
    We are all fooled by randomness
  16. Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Clayton
    Of course not.

    Hypocrites and spineless keyboard warriors , can't be arsed with the one rule for one and one for any other.

    Shame really as apart from that it isn't a bad site.

    Just full of weak MODS. The girl's who post **** banter areally fine but two faced hypocrites. Ah well.

    Enjoy I'm done.
    1. Clayton
      I hadn't. I didn't even see the post before it was deleted.
      Aug 5, 2016
  17. Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Clayton
    If that was from you mate don't embarrass yourself like that have the balls to ban me. Last 2 days you lot have allowed all the **** to have my name attached to it. Nothing deleted and yet I get 2 warnings for replying. Well have this for free. Ban away I hate hypocrites.

    Double standards and why I left a few years ago. Spineless the lot of you if you can't be consistent.
    1. Clayton
      I haven't done a thing.
      Aug 5, 2016
  18. InterestedBystander
    Proud winner of Best Newcomer Award 2015/16
  19. Storck
    Storck Mr Sitter
    How many changes Lee Peters?
  20. lino2
    lino2 Andy Tyne
    Hello Andy.
    I've got the autograph Darren wanted from my dad, so let me know when you're next in the BB and I can let you have it.
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