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  1. Irishbantam
    Irishbantam tecian
    I'm after Swansea home programme from 25 August 1976. I'd be interested if you have it! Cheers.
  2. Abbomf
    Abbomf dersdt
    We've looked at the 2 reported posts & saw no need to edit them, if we did just because they were not 100% related to the thread then we'd possibly open ourselves up to a hell of a lot of moderating, not something we want. Both manifesto threads have posts not 100% related to the title, such as it is when people with intransigent positions debate the merits of or not, of the Tories & Labour!
    Regards, Abbo
  3. Bradford Bullmastiff
  4. P Neshead
    P Neshead elbantam
    Hey up mate, got any more details of the coach tickets if they are still available?
  5. NZbantam
    NZbantam Alex
    Hey mate,

    I saw that for the Sheff Utd game on TV that you posted it was being shown live on Bet365. Well as I'm in NZ I can't watch UK Sky, so do you think Bet365 will live stream the playoff final? I understand you'd need money in your account which is no problem. Just wondering if you reckon that's a realistic option for me to be able to watch the game. Cheers
  6. Alan
    Alan BL
    Thank you
  7. ImAlwaysSkint
    Skint and optimistic.
  8. Bantamroberts
    Bantamroberts BratfudRover
    Thanks for responding to my enquiry, looking for lodgings on the Saturday night in Harrogate now. We live in Scarborough, and willing to travel.
  9. Keefly Bantam
    Keefly Bantam CanadaBantam221
    What part of Canada you from? I have friends in Ontario region
  10. Keefly Bantam
  11. Bantamroberts
    Bantamroberts elbantam
    hi, we would be interested in the details of the travel you have. We live in Scarborough but could get to Bradford for 8am.
  12. mike r
    mike r Bronco
    Good to see you back
    1. Bronco
      Thank you nice to know so many supported me in the poll and also when I have meet fellow members socially before away games, let's just say the comments I've had from the powers that be on here realised maybe the wrong poster got a ban, I maybe didn't help myself by getting wound up by the likes of the Usual Suspects.
      Thanks Again
      May 8, 2017
  13. Bradford Bullmastiff
    Bradford Bullmastiff
    Bullmastiffs- we can be seen as aggressive with a nasty bite - yet in good hands we are adorable!
    1. The Evidence
      The Evidence
      The return of the Cougar! Live and in full effect!
      May 19, 2017
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  14. Bradford Bullmastiff
    Bradford Bullmastiff
    Bullmastiff- both aggressive with a nasty bite - yet in good hands we are adorable!
  15. P Neshead
  16. Abbomf
    Abbomf nickloza
    Please just leave it, it serves no purpose for you, me or the board.
  17. nickloza
    Note to self, not everyone can handle their ratings.
  18. nickloza
    Message to self, not everyone can take criticism.
  19. SJBantam
    SJBantam Bantam@{Lancs}
    Hi there, Rochdale will allow an upgrade so is your child ticket still available?
  20. The Evidence
    The Evidence Bradford End
    Yes, currently i still have it? Are you still interested? If so call me on 07590373942.