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  1. NZbantam
    NZbantam Dmitry
    Hi friend, will you be posting a downloadable version of the Blackburn game? If so, when do you think you will be able to post it? I;m just wondering if I can save money, also people seem to really appreciate your posts for the games :)
  2. Bantam Nick
    Bantam Nick BantamsBar
    Chill out not true what you said! lol n say hi in Bantams Bar bet you do anyway! I will work out who it is.
  3. Bantam Nick
    Bantam Nick SkiptonCity
    Thanks for your post reply!
  4. Bantam Nick
    Bantam Nick
    Back and ready for new Season!
  5. Cherry bomb
    Cherry bomb #KK
    Cheers Kk
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  6. Plastic Bantam
  7. #KK
  8. #KK
  9. #KK
    1. Botswana Bantam
      Botswana Bantam
      There's still a like one in the middle of those three options! It's gone all Facebook! :D
      Jul 16, 2017
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  10. Sergio Pinto
    Sergio Pinto Bantam147
    Cheers for that post towards the mod...
    1. Bantam147
      No worries. Some people have no clue about the need to protect people's reputation and personal integrity. I get the same every time I post bits of inside info from someone I know. You've got me curious about what he said now though....;-)
      Jul 10, 2017
  11. P Neshead
    P Neshead Bermondsey Bantam
    Ed fell out with him over comments he made about the site and his running of it, and banned him. Is the player news regarding our stock of midfielders?
  12. Vyvyan Basterd
    Vyvyan Basterd
    See, I've done my revision. I'm going off now to stuff loads and loads of paper down the toilet.
  13. Craven cottager
    Craven cottager
    Born to be mild
  14. BeagrieBlakeandMills
    Rahic get your finger out or get out!
  15. P Neshead
    P Neshead Bermondsey Bantam
    What's the story BB? I'm like you atm, i'm really pissed off at the thought of losing Rory to a rival.
  16. Sergio Pinto
    Sergio Pinto Bermondsey Bantam
    What we offer mate???
  17. Irishbantam
    Irishbantam tecian
    I'm after Swansea home programme from 25 August 1976. I'd be interested if you have it! Cheers.
  18. Abbomf
    Abbomf dersdt
    We've looked at the 2 reported posts & saw no need to edit them, if we did just because they were not 100% related to the thread then we'd possibly open ourselves up to a hell of a lot of moderating, not something we want. Both manifesto threads have posts not 100% related to the title, such as it is when people with intransigent positions debate the merits of or not, of the Tories & Labour!
    Regards, Abbo
  19. Bradford Bullmastiff
  20. P Neshead
    P Neshead elbantam
    Hey up mate, got any more details of the coach tickets if they are still available?