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Recent content by Boc120

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    Wyke and Jones up top

    He has scored 14 in 35 in our league according to Wikipedia, which may be bollocks, but if it aint. That is class and would worry me if i supported the opposition.
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    Player Talk Transfer Deadline Day

    Sorry if somethings already been said, but any news on kids going out on loan?
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    Matchday Bristol Rovers

    i agree law seemed much more aggressive than usual, making some good tackles. Hopefully we are seeing a new side to him
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    Charlie Wyke song

    Oh Charlie Wyke, Singed for City 2017, He became a City goal machine, What a player Charlie Wyke.
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    Player Suggestion Future targets based recruitment policy......

    That's in an ideal world, but in reality that wont happen.
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    Bury Away

    He still has respect for the club at least, the class he showed after the game coming over to clap our fans was a nice touch How much do you reckon we would have to pay to get him in summer ? i know he isn't as good as mezza as of now but he is still very young
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    Bury Away

    Leigh looked so good going forward
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    Bury Away

    I was there, and he played well got a few shots away and didn't give their defenders any peace. His first 3 touches were not great, handball foul weird and backheel flick (still not sure what that was) didn't fill me with confidence, but fair play from then on he didn't do owt wrong.
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    Bury Away

    Great work from hiwula
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    Reserves today

    I think one was but the second wasn't
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    Reserves today

    Pybus scored again we won 3-0
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    Current play-off rivals fans' views

    Off everyone Southend worry me most they remind me of a Parkinson side very disciplined. I don't know if anyone has seen any more of them this season ? Have you ? Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Season Tickets

    Would be great, i doubt they would sell them in that way unfortunately though.
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    Current play-off rivals fans' views

    I had to google the word supercilious, turns out that's quite ironic:) I apologise for sounding like a [email protected] reading it back makes me cringe haha