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Recent content by claret fish

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    And in the last 2 games we haven’t even managed a one on one to miss........
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    Wasn’t excited by his appointment and definitely not anymore excited now!!! I appreciate we are missing Wyke but he has had weeks on the training ground and what he has managed to come up with so far is mccarten and gillead up front!!!!!! Not Poleons biggest fan but at least the guy is actually...
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    Wigan Athletic

    Gutted we decided to go for Grayson (I said this before we played a game under him) tonight was dull as shit and he has had three weeks to work on that knowing that Wyke wasn’t available...... who the hell plays Mccarten up front on his own, we are not going to get near the play offs I would...
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    Classy vocabulary.......... ha ha
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    I'm not having a go at the young lad as I said he looks a half decent footballer just not seeing enough from him to warrant the love in and the MOTM awards.
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    must be just me but I am not at all getting this gillead love in!!! Dont get me wrong the lad looks like a half decent footballer when he has the ball at his feet and isn't afraid to put a shift in but 3 MOTM on the trot at home for a winger that doesn't have an assist or a goal to his name all...
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    Confirmed Transfer Lukas Raeder

    Sorry must have been fat fingers copying the link ha ha
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    Poor childs kit

    Not being funny but before coming on here moaning perhaps you should just try take it back to the shop and see what they do about it!!! If they are no help then feel free to moan, if they just change it for another one no problems it's a bit of a pointless post........
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    Marshall gone

    I didn't say easy to replace I said replaceable and perhaps a winger on both sides as opposed to one given free role to go where he wants may work better?
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    Marshall gone

    Had a decent season and entertaining to watch but (puts hard hat on) is 6 goals and 6 assists really that good a return for a player that was given so much of a free role all season? Age not on his side replaceable in my book. Nicky Law had 6 assists and plenty on here make note to the point he...
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    Parky disrespectful ?

    I don't think Cullen was particularly "targeted" today as some are saying, the first foul looked a bad challenge but that does happen in games. As someone who previously backed parky I was very disappointed with his attitude and behaviour today I think he definately showed a real lack of class...
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    Confirmed Transfer Marc McNulty

    Probably a bit biased as was never. Reid fan (even the first time he was here) but for me Marshall is far and away better than Reid whose positional play was awful (constantly in the wrong position tucking in when he should have been down the line) and as for his crossing..........
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    Where is killgallon ?

    Utter rubbish I was at a golf day with him a few weeks ago there is no way he was massively overweight etc just short on match fitness and has picked up an injury trying to get fit.