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Recent content by derbybantam2

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    Corporal Jones.. "permission to play sir"

    Jones was ill on Tuesday hence why he didnt play etc. Tony Mac said so on radio before the game.
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    James Mason & Roger Owen At Wembley.

    Probably booking the home end for our playoff final :)
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    Matchday Bury Away

    Well we cant win them all. Keep the faith we will be fine. Not the best result today but TBF i would not be surprised to see Bury climb the table . They have recently had a few good players return from injury. Hopeful for a quick bounce back on Tuesday.
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    The lad is class, end of
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    Peterborough Away

    Dont think KILLA will go LB, post match SM said he deffo would not be moving him.
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    City v Newcastle live on Radio

    Follow the link for anyone interested. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fdrystoneradio.com%2Fradioplayer%2F&h=ATPuFzEmoILT_UW5FZLfzDmCYRI4tTlODtl0OmVh-873Vm-gn1uV8zPGK2TdoLDBXac7tbdudHCCkUrhSCpn7GpZu5QXvDvXfIbxnmMNQCph_PE8AkJbMz9XtlQs0eJEjswx39lRaw
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    Car share from Notts Derby

    jaycee do you go to home games
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    Car share from Notts Derby

    where are you in derby guys, im ilkeston
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    poor ticket sales

    Apparently its collection only from Monday morning from city Ticket office.
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    Millwall forum

    well said Pablo , apologies if my comment upset people.
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    Millwall forum

    Powell, i hope so, have a great day.
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    Millwall forum

    yes but i would rather someone say direct RonnieBrown. im not violent, might have been poorly quoted, apologies.
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    Millwall forum

    i will be in green man too, enjoy your day.peace.
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    Millwall forum

    yep Pablo, but there was no need for Powells comment, was there?
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    Millwall forum

    im not offering you out . haha, just making a point that you can say what you want on a forum but more than likely would in person.