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Recent content by derbybantam2

  1. derbybantam2

    Wigan Athletic

    lol, more like 12k
  2. derbybantam2

    The Championship

  3. derbybantam2

    BRUENKAR and POLEON: Worst City front pair on the pitch in living memory

    Umm didnt look like it from where we were
  4. derbybantam2

    Doncaster Game

    i will be renewing for me and my daughter
  5. derbybantam2

    Relegation Battle ?

    dont be daft. We are bad atm but not relegation. We will turn the corner and probs end up 6th
  6. derbybantam2

    BRUENKAR and POLEON: Worst City front pair on the pitch in living memory

    Yes saw that which was very poor from macca. lost us posession because he got frustrated with one of his younger inexperienced players. Not a good role model that and what would it have done to kai's confidence?
  7. derbybantam2

    Dom Poleon tweet

    cant he support who he wants? as long as he gives 100% in a city shirt i dont give a dam what he says about a football crest
  8. derbybantam2

    Getting The Right Player

    Should'nt this all have been done prior to the transfer window. Its called preparing . Which is what we were all told had been done and the club were ready????
  9. derbybantam2

    Would you renew your ST

    Yes , although things seem very slow on the recruitment part there are lots of clubs in far worse position etc. The home games are crap ATM so we do need a massive improvement but I had a ST when we were in the old 4th so I will renew .Even if the price increased by say £50 , that's still a...
  10. derbybantam2

    Progress under Rahic ...

    They weren't worse than yesterday
  11. derbybantam2

    Progress under Rahic ...

    Bronco, those games were 100 times better than todays erm, erm shall we say turn up. Mind you the atmosphere was the worst for years.
  12. derbybantam2

    Steve McClaren

    Mclaren is a top notch coach so could add value there. Although as anything to do with the management then that's a big no from me. Hes a coach not a manager :)
  13. derbybantam2

    Corporal Jones.. "permission to play sir"

    Jones was ill on Tuesday hence why he didnt play etc. Tony Mac said so on radio before the game.
  14. derbybantam2

    James Mason & Roger Owen At Wembley.

    Probably booking the home end for our playoff final :)
  15. derbybantam2

    Matchday Bury Away

    Well we cant win them all. Keep the faith we will be fine. Not the best result today but TBF i would not be surprised to see Bury climb the table . They have recently had a few good players return from injury. Hopeful for a quick bounce back on Tuesday.