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  • Hi friend, will you be posting a downloadable version of the Blackburn game? If so, when do you think you will be able to post it? I;m just wondering if I can save money, also people seem to really appreciate your posts for the games :)
    hi again Dmitry
    I'd be grateful if you could give my email address to the Chairman, let me have his or pass these ideas on to him. I've written to the club through their website but I don't know if the ideas will reach the Board:

    1 put 56 tickets up for auction and make it known the money raised will be donated to Pinderfields Burns Unit in memory of the 56 fans who died at the fire - embed our position as a community club and think of the publicity the Unit would get and possible future donations
    2 allocate one Wembley ticket to every person who also buys a season ticket for next season - increase the fan base for next year and let true fans who don't have season tickets this year avoid missing our big moment
    3 donate some tickets to the Armed Forces in recognition of what they do for us - gesture that would buy us into the hearts of the nation and think of the publicity we'd get, all to the benefit of City
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