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Recent content by feedbackproblem

  1. feedbackproblem

    A little break .....

    I was certainly confused when I first drove to Blundell Park when I was following signs for Grimsby Town FC and drove right the way through Grimsby and passed the "Welcome to Cleethorpes" sign! Port Vale are the only English club I can think of that aren't named after a place with the exception...
  2. feedbackproblem

    Rahic interview

    Interesting article in the Indy yesterday about why teams often improve after a new manager comes in: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/sacking-managers-pointless-stats-slaven-bilic-west-ham-premier-league-a8044586.html
  3. feedbackproblem

    Listening to City on DAB Radio

    I got intermittent signal as I drove through Colne during the Walsall game so it does deliver a bit of culture to a small part of Lancashire.
  4. feedbackproblem

    Still searching

    SM mentioned that Barr wasn't on the bench due to being injured (possibly a thigh strain?) in one of his post match interviews so he's probably more in the picture than Hanson.
  5. feedbackproblem

    Laziest ever player?

    I'll second that.
  6. feedbackproblem

    Club appeal against Vincelot red card length

    I think that the FA guard against this by having the facility to increase the lengths of bans for spurious claims.
  7. feedbackproblem

    Mini Rant

    OK Eccy, what's the solution to this shitstorm?
  8. feedbackproblem

    4 Goals conceded

    ITK reading list...
  9. feedbackproblem

    Mini Rant

    That sounds like you're suggesting a stadium sized equivalent of defragging a hard drive to rearrange every existing season ticket holder to fit in new people so that existing groups like yours can expand. It's just not a remotely realistic posibility. It might be frustrating to a few people...
  10. feedbackproblem

    Mini Rant

    If the club "resolve the problem" and everyone sits in their appropriate seat, the seat you want will be occupied anyway so I fail to see how that would be advantageous to you at all.
  11. feedbackproblem

    Confirmed Transfer Paul Taylor

    So, Saturday he's dropped for GBH or some other off the field activity and then 48 hours later the club have completely forgotten about it, seems a bit unlikely to me... https://twitter.com/officialbantams/status/894571016608940036
  12. feedbackproblem

    Video on Facebook.

    Trespass is a civil matter in England so you can't get charged.
  13. feedbackproblem

    Bradford City - Blackpool full 90 minutes + report

    Interesting how a few objective facts and figures can show up your personal subjective opinions about players. I'd have said that NKP was a bit careless with his passing but that's probably because of 1 cross field pass to McMahon that went out of play right in front of where I sit. Looking at...
  14. feedbackproblem

    Matchday Blackpool

    Well thankfully Dmitry has given us a scout report of the match so we can see what he offers: - He had more touches than any other player on the pitch - He won the 2nd most "duels" (won more than any other City player) - He was 3rd in the number of ground challenges won by a City player - He won...