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  1. Hendrie FC

    City v Rochdale

    Dale will be licking their lips at the prospect of playing at VP. If we are missing 2 or 3 of the first 11 I fear for us a little as we have no real strength in depth. A win is much needed. A Blackburn and Charlton win and 3 points for us creates a nice 9 or 10 points gap from 7th.
  2. Hendrie FC

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Bangs head on table as punishment.
  3. Hendrie FC

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Want Liverpool away. But we'll get Wigan or Charlton away. TBH anyone but bloody Millwall.
  4. Hendrie FC

    What is this??

    This new layout is utter shite. Ugly and clunky to use. Navigation is difficult and a much poorer user experience. Have been browsing the usual suspects nonsense half as much since the change.
  5. Hendrie FC

    Well done Stuart McCall

    Well done indeed. SM made a substitution before the 80th minute. Well done again for removing the Law for Robinson who by all accounts made quite an impact (I hear from someine who went).
  6. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    I know. Me nan lived on Harden Grove. ;)
  7. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    On Thorpe Edge we just used to pile the dog shit up in piles for goalposts.
  8. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    Hope he doesn't rush out to the fridge. Miss judge where the ice is and when he finally catches the ice then goes and drops it on his foot. Metartarcels take ages to mend too.
  9. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    You were reet good then Ronnie. Goalpost eh? I were a jumper don't you know :tup:
  10. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    Afterall , "I'm an ex footballer don't you know."
  11. Hendrie FC

    Player Talk Colin Doyle

    I have full confidence that Edin will tell Stuart the right keeper to play on Saturday.
  12. Hendrie FC

    Rahic Interview (used google translater)

    I apologise to Stuart. The current squad in all ita glory is not your fault. Can't make donkeys do what donkeys are not designed to do.
  13. Hendrie FC

    Scunthorpe up next

    I said at the start of the season that if City were not in touching distance of autos by Christmas then McCall would be toast. Given the games in hand Carlton and Blackburn have we are now looking at 6th place as a natural level. Not sure Edin will accept that what with the Jan transfer window...
  14. Hendrie FC

    Is McCall going to fuck this up

    I agree. The tactical bounces are not going our way.
  15. Hendrie FC

    Scunthorpe predictions

    1 0 win. Mccardle og