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  1. Hendrie FC

    Doyle confirmed in final ireland squad

    Sunwin stand block E row h seat 46. YOU. YES YOU have been selected to play in goal tomorrow instead of one of our German keepers. Please report to main reception at 2.30pm to collect your kit. Well. Can't be any worse than the alternative.
  2. Hendrie FC

    Bring back one former player...

  3. Hendrie FC

    Senior pro's

    After 44 years watching City I have to agree that this shower is if not the worst then defo in the top 1.
  4. Hendrie FC

    I don't f$$king believe

    Great. I was starting to worry he wasn't taking our crisis seriously.
  5. Hendrie FC

    I don't f$$king believe

    Anyone seen pointy shoes? Aren't we overdue another promo video for next season?
  6. Hendrie FC

    I have tried to be positive but time for a reality check! Im now GENUINLEY CONCERNED about relegation next season

    As I have said before. We are fucked. Tail spins tend to end in a crash. Our crash is the biggest since Leahman Brothers. Miss relegation by only 4 points is my prediction. Never thought the last match of the season would potentialy be a 6 pointer for the wrong reason. At least I will get to use...
  7. Hendrie FC

    Season Ticket Renewal Intentions

    Buying mine and Junior Hendrie FC's on Monday. BUT. It is with the lowest enthusiasm for best part of a decade or more. Even in the dark days of middle/lower L2 I felt more enthusiastic than I do at the moment for that shower of shite in the Boardroom, on the pitch or in the dugout. Benefit of...
  8. Hendrie FC

    2018/19 - Scenario/Intent

    Think we're fucked tbh.
  9. Hendrie FC

    Who would you keep?

    Agree 100% but TBH I think a complete clear out would not be a bad idea. Abbott and Edin leading the way.
  10. Hendrie FC

    Today's Postponement - My View

    She's the nice lady that gives you your special sleeping medicine every night.
  11. Hendrie FC

    Today's Postponement - My View

    Does Matron know you've escaped?
  12. Hendrie FC

    Fans Forum.

  13. Hendrie FC

    Fans Forum.

    Think it is time to say the pitch.
  14. Hendrie FC

    Fans Forum.

    OMG OMG. They have a new report telling them the pitch is 'shot'. They could have paid me half the fee and I could have told them that from my seat.
  15. Hendrie FC

    Fans Forum.

    My overwhelming feeling from all this is we (as a club) are mighty fucked!