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  • Mum lives in Manchester area. I live in Belgium . 950 miles round trip. Mum thinks she.s been dumped in an asylum, . No choice really.
    I've never used this new part of C&B. I hop I'm replying to your message about Cumbria. and your parents.
    Nearly same scenario with me although the distance isn't as great , both my parents have been unwell my father is virtually bedridden. my brother lives near them but for me it's a 300 mile round trip 2/3 times a week to try and take some off the weight of my brother , i moved up to cumbria has an alternative to being made redundent still feel guilty for moving away even though my parents understand why .
    Thats ok , i've been worried over my fathers health and with other issues , i was a bit curt even offhand wth you for which i appologise.
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