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  1. J


    Hello, My name is Jess and I am part of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies. The Sisterhood is a blogging website that creates content on pies in all different stadiums in lots of different sports. Within the sisterhood there are four of us all studying Football Business and Marketing at...
  2. RookieRooster

    Why I love Bradford City!

    All credit goes to JammyBantam for an awesome Video. First time poster, sorry if this video has already been posted. Just wanted to say Hi!
  3. J

    Bradford's incredible away fans at Bolton make national media story

    Good morning, In light of the incredible following of City fans at Bolton at the weekend, and as a big Bradford fan, it felt only right to highlight this to my bosses at The Sun and write a piece on it! Be great if you could share the story, positive coverage for the club I'd like to think. On...
  4. Y

    Sheffield United game...

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I apologise if advertising is not allowed on here. Just to let you know that the Bolton hotel pub on Bolton road is open from 10am on the day of the Sheffield United fixture. Free Sausage/Bacon sandwiches on offer for all fans. Beer prices ranging from just £2.10 a pint.