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  1. brotherbantam

    Matchday Fleetwood Town, Scunthorpe United, and AFC Wimbledon Tickets

    When are these going on sale? Only a couple thousand. Uber fans at the ready. Who's queuing at 2am with non-priority away tickets?
  2. F

    Norwegian fan needs help

    Hi lads. Me and a friend are going traveling to London from Oslo, Norway for City's home game against Newcastle. We would really like two tickets at the Ealing Road terrace (if that's impossible, another place on the stadium). We have never bought tickets online before, so we can't buy for...
  3. Hoochy-Min

    Matchday Tickets for Bolton Away

    I don't need any tickets and I don't have any spares. Probably having something like a chicken salad for dinner. Steak for tea though, Saturday innit. Just had a bacon butty. Quite a meaty day really. Opened a tub of S&V Pringles last night that I'll finish off tonight with a couple of cans...