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wembley. league 1 final. playoff.

  1. B

    Spare Train Ticket to London

    Had someone drop out so we have a spare return train ticket from L*@ds (booked before the prices went crazy)- don't want any more than what it cost me... £64. Depart: Leeds 10:05 Arrive: London Kings Cross, 12:28 Depart: London Kings Cross 19:04 Arrive: Leeds, 21:21
  2. W

    Help -ticket needed desperately

    Can anyone tell me how I can get a ticket for the final or is someone willing to buy one for me tomorrow please? I live on the south coast and I've just got back from living in Qatar so I'm not a member of BCFC but I desperately want to see them at Wembley as I've been abroad every time they've...