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2 more players?

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After the signing of Damion Stewart as back up to Bower & Wethers, surely CTs main priority must now be a new Left back, closely followed by a Striker?

I know we are rumoured to be signing, on loan a left back from a Premiership club, which in reality means we are gambling on a young untried kid from the reserves. Could be risky ala Tierney!

I dont think Cadders is the answer upfront, he's never being an out & out goalscorer or the target man CT said he was after.
IMO Cadamarteri would do the most damage playing out wide where his pace & trickery would create openings for others.

So I would like to see us bring in a more experienced Left back & a target man who's cut the mustard at this level.

If we start the season without these additions, I feel we will suffer especially with the new transfer window meaning we cant bring anyone else in until December/January!

Im sure CTs bang at it right now!
May 18, 2005
100% spot on parrot, they are the two positions i am now a little worried about. Other than that i think the squad looks very, very strong.:)
Still a bit concerned about the "Dons" performance at Oldham!

He was "Flapping" about like a beached whale in the blustery wind.
I hope it was a "one off" performance but he will have to master the elements of the English weather to be a success here!
Swifty is there at right back should Holloway not improve his consistency. Im Hoping Swift will make the position his own next year.
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