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May 25, 2005
Belgian Flanders
It was a staggeringly short-sighted idea for Bradford City F.C. in the first place. To deprive the club of so many regular income givers was bonkers for annual turnover. It was a guaranteed loss-maker for City.

For 25ers to get full delivery of such a money loser would probably tip the balance into insolvency. No income, club dies, 25ers get nothing. Everybody gets nothing.

It would cost the club very little to cut these 25ers off completely now. No revenue anyway from them for another (what? 20 years?). Give them nothing and what does the club lose? Pie and beer income, that's all. The 25ers might even come back and start paying new season tickets anyway.

Anything the club offers is a bonus.

The business has to be profitable and that means supporters ARE the main source of income. If the club makes a profit out of its customers, this means the business is a success, not that the supporters have been robbed. If the club makes a loss from dealings with its customers, this means the business is a failure and bankruptcy beckons.

If the supporters don't supply income, who else does? Huddersfield? The government? Bradford Council? Get real.

Buy that bloody shirt and start buying tickets again IF you want to follow Bradford City FC in the future.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
We'll just have to see what happens with the proposal.

One thing that to bear in mind is that those paying £45 a month have done for the last 5 years, and now when it was coming to an end they have to fork out again next season.

Football is a business not a charity the club should of stopped the direct debits as soon as the CVA was accepted instead of taking the extra 10 x £45 before anouncing any proposal.

The club knew full well they weren't going to honour the deal from the day they went into administration so they shouldn't of strung the fans along and made them keep paying the monthly installments.

BTW - I don't pay the £45 a month but can understand the feelings of those that do.
Not open for further replies.