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May 25, 2005
Belgian Flanders
Whatever happens between PV and Oldham, we're 7th. 16 points, just 7 points and a few goals away from auto promotion places.

Only 4 points away from relegation spots though.

This is not a criticism but a comment on the openness of CCL 1 (league division 3) at the moment. All to play for.

PV just equalised.


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
We are 4 points off relegation. However, that is not my worry at this stage of the season;

1. Our home performance is poor; reason tactics; we have no idea how to break down a defensive side.
2. Motivation: there doesn't appear to be the right kind of motivation. Players strolling around the pitch rather than running into space and looking for the ball.
3. We are not working hard enough, can anyone remember when we had a good hard working midfield? Think the last time was when McCall played, when he lost the ball he tracked back and made sure he either got the ball back or made it impossible for the player to put a cross in.
4. Sometimes, you just have to attack sides that have come to defend, and work out the best way of doing that. We have not learnt how to do that in this league in two seasons.

So yes it is early doors, but the signs are not good Sunflower. I know sometimes we have to grind out a result, but honestly we were lucky last night. CU came to do a job on us, and did it to perfection, they came for a draw, worked hard, and nearly took all three.

When Crooks who in my view is not up to the same standard as the majority in this team, ends up being MOM you have to question what the hell is going on. He had a good game, but then it was his type of game, slow and defensive. If this had been played away, doubt there would have been any complaints, we would have been doing what we had to do.

I believe Todd favours defensive players, and is nearly always picking teams with that in mind. It is not that I don't think we need a defence, we do, but this boring negative football that we play at home will kill off fans interest quicker than any admin. He has to have differents sets of tactics for different types of games, and that is what is the most worrying of all, he cannot seem to read the game. He actually got the right conbination on in the last 10 minutes, but it was more by luck than judgement. In my view he should not have taken Muirhead off. He hardly had the ball, and the midfield was packed full of their players and ours, so there was no room for him to come and get the ball, and nobody appeared to be able to get the ball out to him. I would have taken a defender off and taken the risk.
Not open for further replies.