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A case for selling Windass?

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C&B Member
Jun 20, 2005
So after the last two games does everyone still think it was good business to turn down £450k for Deano?
Are we too reliant on one man to score goals?
Will fans still come to V.P if the dreadfull home form continues?
Do we risk the future of the club by going for promotion?
Can we take the money for dean and still move forward?

My view for what it's worth,
agree a deal in principal with Dean for a player/coach role next season,
sell Dean knowing he's only signing for a season and coming back,
secure our short term finances,
strengthen our squad by replacing the muppets we have(Holloway,Stewart,ect.) with better quality,
push for promotion next year on a secure financial footing,
with no Deano in the team this year I believe the other players would take responsability and chip in with goals,
the money will help keep the club afloat when the good people of Bradford stop going to V.P and the crowds drop to around 6,000.
So what do you all think? Have you calmed down enough to think clearly after the Blackpool game?What if BfB is right and there's a bigger offer?


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
its a long term view that might work.......but I seriously worried about Todd's apparent inability to motivate the team, and the ability to work flexibily with a a squad of players....therefore if I was Julian, I might want to hold fire until I was sure I didn't want to terminate his contract......


C&B Member
May 31, 2005
Absolute tosh. Lets play to Windass strengths he cannot play with Caddy he needs a proper division on big forward alongside him and i am convinced that would transform our performances specialy at home.


May 18, 2005
Just put Cooke back in the team, why change a winning formular.

It was only a matter of time before he started banging them in, Reminds me of Symes last season. Just starting to get the feel of things and getting closer and closer and wham bam thank you mam his arse is on the subs bench quicker than Todd can get Claridge to sign.

Sterling Archer

I really envy those who have never met you.
C&B Member
May 21, 2005
Economic traveling migrant
So i got it slightly wrong in that i forecast windass to be injured after the 450k offer was rejected.

Instead he is just mentally injured by the thought of what could have been...He needs a short sharp shock to re focus on where he is and what hes all about...

The best thing Toddy could do (wait for it) is to drop windass to the bench for a game... Get him kicking and screaming to get back on that pitch...

Im sure the longer it goes without a goal, the more the Windass lovers will start to turn, and the thought of what could of been with ALL THAT CASH will come out in words of "We should of got rid and got the cash".

It will happen people in the same way players are being slated now..

May i remind you that we have made exactly the same start as last year allbe it that one win was in the cup not the League..

Didnt we even though we only won one in sept then move up the table...

Now lets see where we go next month before forecasting doom and gloom... Two wins next month would even us out points wise three wins would put us in front of the curve...

Its WON over a full season people not the first six cob web blowing matches..

I will bring this and other posts to the top again come October to show you lot where we were last season compared.. W e surely cannot do worse than sept last years...

My point is "FOOKIN MARATHON NOT A SPRINT" ... :rolleyes: :mad:
May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
The point aswell is that the money would not have gone to strengthen the team - which is why JR didn't sell - there would have been a queue of creditors with their lawyers wanting that brass......i'm sure there's probably something written into the CVA which says that for a couple of years large single amounts of money would still be payable to the creditors.....

So really the amount of money doesn't matter - Todd wouldn't have been able to spend fook all....
deano had an off day, we were againts 10 men and had a red arrows flypast, we should have won, i think todd has to have a word with windass as he may be having second thoughts about the transfer
Aug 25, 2005
A posh town called Harrogate!!
Cooke creates the space for Windass!! Cooke is on the bench for 2 league games and we look lame going forward!! It's not rocket science Toddy, just bring him back for Cadders and we'll be great again!!

The lack of creation from midfield hasn't been helped by neither forward dropping deep to claim the ball from them. Cooke does that excellently and drags the defence with him.

It's a simple game - let's keep it that way!! (Without playing simpletons like Holloway though!!)



C&B Member
May 29, 2005
Dont think Deano is having second thoughts, just an of day in my eyes, he didn't score every game last season, he need Cooke up front with him,;


C&B Member
Jun 20, 2005
Please dont get me wrong after posting these thought provoking questions,i think deano is great and he's my favourite city player.Weve sailed too close to the wind for my liking recently.Nothing or nobody should jeopardise our club again.
The crowd attendance on Friday will be low,lets hope it's a blip.
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