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A lackluster disgrace!

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Up to today i have been confident we can end our run of dismal performances, with the return of Bridge Wilko i fully expected us to play with more attacking guile and determination, today was a sh*tfest and we truly are entering the realms of Nicky Law-esque performances.

The slide has begun ladys and gents and today the fans showed their wrath. Their hasn't been such a hostile reaction to a home performance since when we were relegated from the Championship. The ground was nearly empty with 5 minutes to go, the final whistle was greeted with boos and screams at the lackluster display and I didnt see one fan clap the team off.

I cant see us getting anything out of Bristol City or Southend away.

Cadamarteri? man of the match? I'd have gave it to Lewis Emmanuel, whilst he wasnt the most technically and skilfully gifted player on the pitch today he gave his all and worked his socks off.

Darren Holloway, dont even get me started, he was absalutely crap again...how Todd can even contemplate playing him is beyond comprehension.

The team looked like they were lacking in enthusiasm and confidence and they looked like they wanted to go home. IMO Todd has lost the dressing room, theres no other way to explain the apparant dissolusionment of the players, Hartlepool wanted it more today, Morecambe wanted it more on Tuesday, Barnsley wanted it more the Saturday before last, Tranmere wanted it more in the F.A Cup game and they were robbed and Notts Forest wanted it more than us. In fact bar our home game against MK Dons i cant think of a league fixture where we have wanted to win more than the opposition.

I have been adament he can turn the poor displays around but today Colin Todd lost me and the reaction at the final whistle shows he is losing the fans.

Wednesday December 28th will see a sub 6,000 crowd at home to Walsall, a rubbish 0-0 draw and the end of Todd. Walsall will be Todds green mile just as it was Nicky Laws.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
1-0 down with time running out and you have 2 strikers on the bench... what would you do?

A. bring one of them on and try and change things


B. leave them on the bench while the other 2 continue to do fook all.

Its not really rocket science now is it?

May 24, 2005
I thought Cadders was the only bright spot today, fair enough he may not have had a clear effort on goal, but his spins and touches were superb, and he looked very hungry for the ball. Lewis did OK, certianly not enough to give MOM as far as im concerned, I thought Deano was ok, not brilliant, but I couldnt have imagined any other striker doing any better! (Claridge, Cooke etc etc).

As already said, Holloway was once again awful, why the hell he gets played only Todd knows, Schumacher was shocking, was glad when he brought off at half time, Morrison looked alright when he came on, Petta wasnt given long, but looked a bit crap. Back 4 was ok, as was Ricketts.

I think the blame lies with the manager personally, I think a few more performances like the ones seen lately, will earn him a one way ticket out of Valley Parade.
I thought Cadders was OK today, but no better than any other City player! I would have given it to Wethers or Bower, especially Wethers as he was playing Centre Back and Right Back!!!!!!

Like Barmy says, at 1-0 down you attack by bringing on attackers! I'd rather lose 3-0 having had a good go at them, than settleing for a 1-0 defeat :(

The only plus point is that he finally subbed the ineffective Schumacher after several indifferent games!!!


May 18, 2005
Well i'm glad I had a last minute change of heart about attending today.

Was it just me, or did Todd basically indicate in his post match chat with Tim Thornton that the team had lost belief and that he'd lost the dressing room?

He couldnt even defend his decision to play Lewis out of position again.


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
If we continue to play like that, there is one thing for certain we will fall out of this division and into the next.........fact.

You think we cannot play any worse, and then we put in a performance like that.

There is no substance to the team, no heart or committment. I can barely bring myself to try and remember it..............you just want to block it out.

The selection and motivation of the team is down to Todd. A number of questions came into my mind when I observed the team.

Why play Lewis as a left sided midfielder, he is clearly a left back, that is it, he proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he struggles in any position, he is a natural defender. Why pick him when we need all three points at home, and need to attack.

Why play Schumaker and Crooks both in midfield, when what was needed was MBW, yet he plays him on the right.............

Why play Holloway at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a match like this, when the opposition confidence is down and they have not won a match for 4 games, you go for it....

For me Todd has should go, that is if we want to stop in this division, we need somebody who is inspirational to bring life to the team, and get them to play to their best.

Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
the only player to come out of yesterday with and credit was crooksie, he put effort in where others didn't (holloway, bridgey, deano)
We arn't getting goals, we havnt for ages , ages being when cooke last started...how can todd not see this obvious tactical change. Start with COOKE and Windass. Cadders has been playing ok, just we think hes playing well cos he played so crap before.
Scumacher has been nothing short of appauling this season, his blushes only saved by our brilliant defensive trio of rickets bower and weathers.
We need something to stop the rot : a new manager???
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