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Aberdeen managers opinion on Steven Craig...

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Quote from the Aberdeen manager according to one of their fans:

'Steven has a chip on his shoulder that high [he extends his right hand above his head] and thinks he’s better than he is. He’s hardly been fit since he came here. He came in and said that if he played, he’d score 30 goals for Aberdeen. That’s a statement and a half. Great if the lad’s got that much confidence, but you’ve got to have the fitness levels to do it – and the quality. He’s done nothing for us. Now he thinks everybody’s against him. He’s got to get his career back on track, and it’s no’ going to be here.'
HOWEVER on a better note Aberdeen fans do seem to rate him as a player. Apparantly he is good at turning and taking it past players and has a decent shot on him. A bad fallout with the manager isolated him from the first team, however the manager is also referred to as useless and stupid by Aberdeen fans and some question whether it is just a personal problem between the two.

Very confident player apparantly. Set him self the target of scoring at least 20 goals for Aberdeen last season until he fell out with the manager upon which point he would not even be put on the bench.


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May 31, 2005
If we want to go for promotion lets us forget both of them and bring in a striker with abit of height and weight to enable us to compete physicaly with teams in our league.
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