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Admin again in 2006 ?

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kamarafan said:
can't keep going on current crowds

pricing policy last night wasn't very bright
Fear not my son for the prophet Julian foretold of a great shortfall and has promised to raid his piggy bank to cover it.
The run in the cup was a bonus and not bugeted for in the great scheme of things and the extra income will help.
Believe and you shall be taken to a land of milk and honey....or the Championship if yer lucky!

'30 pieces of silver??....nice!'


Michael Flynn's Lovechild
C&B Member
Jul 5, 2005
It was a pity more didn't show up yesterday. OK, we lost, but people certainly couldn't complain at the entertainment on offer, and would have probably graced us with another visit.

Also, the atmosphere at 4,000 was considerably better than most 7,500 home games. Knew it was something to do with closing the top tier of the Kop all along and moving the singers down closer to the action.

I know those who sit at the top of the Kop won't be happy when I say this, but more of the same please. Probably my best home match experience of the season yesterday.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Last nights game was set up for someone to come up with an offer to get people in but no one had the bottle to do it, You can talk about Barnsley not accepting it but I bet Bradford never asked Barnsley, they probably just said yes to the first figure suggested.

£5 each would of easily seen a 12,000+ crowd their last night and the fans who wouldn't usually go but did because it was cheap may of come back on Saturday after witnessing a game with 8 goals.

Both Bradford and Barnsley shot themselves in the foot yesterday and would of been sharing a bigger gate if they had of taken the right desision rather than the one they got horribly wrong yesterday and we're too stubbon to change even though feedback from the fans suggested they would stay away in droves like they did. Mr Etheringtons plea in the T&A for people to turn up showed they knew what was coming but never bothered to do anything about it.

Simon Parkers constant reference to the low gate in his T&A article should come as no surprise, maybe if he had to pay to get into the ground he may of stayed at home too.

Due to the fact the game was a replay it was bonus revenue anyway, so it could of been put to better use, Bradford and Barnsley missed a massive chance last night, and now Bradford don't have the oportunity to put it right due to not being in the FA Cup.

Lets hope we progress in the LDV Vans where we would be in the Northern Semi Final, get a home draw and hope the men in suits have learn't their lesson.


C&B Member
May 20, 2005
I did not go last night. The main reason I knew we'd lose and I assumed we'd be as crap as shite as we have been all season at home. Maybe not last night but Christmas is coming up, money is always tight and its up to City and that loser Colin Todd to give us reasons to go down there every second Saturday. At the moment the only enjoyable thing about seeing City at home is meeting your mates in the pub. The game is like a punishment for enjoying yourself, soon I'll cut the game out and go home.:(
May 25, 2005
The Netherlands
I'm sure we won't go back into admin. We can free up some much needed dosh by getting rid of Petta and Claridge in January. And seeing as we have a dozen 20-22 year olds who will never get a chance under Todd, we may as well get rid of the lot of them. Sanasy, Forrest, Penford, Colbeck, Denvers, Wright, Swift, the lot. Get shot coz they'll never get a first team game while CT is here!
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