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Another Cup win...WTF is happening here..

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Sterling Archer

I really envy those who have never met you.
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May 21, 2005
Economic traveling migrant
1. 2-1 to City

2. Another win for the lads at home..

3. A bumper crowd compared to normal cup matches..

4. Another curse broken under the guidence of Todd...

5. Thats advancement in all three cups this term all be it that one was a bye..

6. Crooks scoring not bad for a "donkey"!!!! Even Goal shy Deano scored...

Down sides Deano getting yet another booking...Still should have took the 500k+ when offered for him IMHO...

Looking forward to the match reviews!!!! What will they say...

Team scrambled to a win nowt to do with manager?????
Why do we pay to watch this????????
Lets see .....


I'm normally one of Todds critics and i have complained endlessly about our sh*t home performances. The first half was abysmal as usual however we really got kick started in the second half by Crooksies goal and played some very nice attacking football, looking very dangerous. Overall very good value for money, it all kicked off at the end on the pitch and Emanuels shirt was literally torn from his collar to halfway down his mid section in a clash with some big dude who looked like he was trying to throttle him. Good support from the Trannys as well, probably nearly a thousand of them.
Not open for further replies.