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Another season of bad home results?

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Its still early doors but the pattern looks the same as last season, great away performances followed by frustrating home defeats!
I think the home attendances have kept up well despite us losing in front of our own fans.
What makes it even more annoying is the TBs seem to have somehow got a decent squad together & look like they will be challenging at the top, where as we seem to be hit & miss & will struggle to make the top six if we dont start getting the results at VP.
Despite CT bringing in more attack minded players in the summer, our home form seems to be mirroring that of last season, what else can they do?
I think were getting that desperate we should bring in one of Donovan Ricketts "Witch doctors" to lift the curse of Valley Parade!:D


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May 27, 2005
looking forward

It's early days - yet marathon not a sprint - just ask a crystal place fan - who would have thought they would have got into the prem the season we were relegated.

There will be many twists and turns (injuried / players finding rich veins of form - and I for one do not mind loosing the odd game at home - this part of the season if CT and Bobby D can change our fortunes at home for the majority of games.

We have played pretty well at home in spells though the second half was pretty poor at times.
May 19, 2005
Should use that crazy lady that saints used a few seasons ago at the st marys staium!
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