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Are we better than last season?

City better than last season?

  • No, CT has took us backwards

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  • Same as last season

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In your opinion, do you think we have improved as a team or got worse than last season?
I know we haven't finished the current one & some people on here will probably roll out the stats or averages, but do you honestly think we've improved with CT bringing in yet more of "his" signings in pre-season?
If he's let loose this pre-season to sign yet more players, will he take us further backwards next season?:eek:


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
We are currently around the same as we were last season, maybe fractionally backwards. It's nice to see the home form picking up a bit in recent weeks but to only have won 4 home games come January is woeful.
May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
Definately worse - the optimism created at the arse end of last season when we were scoring for fun AT HOME has long since diminished!! In a division full of inconsistantly shit teams, anything other than a top 6 finish is very, very, very dissapointing!!
Rhodes is keeping his hand in his pocket at the moment, pretending were skint when it was only in December he said he'd make funds available for a couple more signings - and rightly so, i wouldn't trust Todd with my weeks dogfood budget!!
Come on the T, tell us exactly how were "better" than last season?:confused:
Would have accepted "Same as" but "better" FFS:eek: :confused:
Oh well, suppose it takes all sorts;)


Michael Flynn's Lovechild
C&B Member
Jul 5, 2005
TBH, I can see where Mr. D is coming from. Where we were losing to poo teams last season, we're now drawing, or, God forbid, even scraping results.

Having said that, is it just me, or has the entire standard of the league dropped? It's wierd, that's for sure.

Anyway, we're pretty much the same, we still make the same mistakes at home, we still pull the odd result out the bag against the better teams, and our away form (although not recently) is still pretty good, all of which are down to Todd's tactics 'defend deep and hit 'em on the break' tactics, which he seemingly refuses to change.
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