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Blades opinion on Cadders

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C&B Member
May 27, 2005
Taken fom the OMB from a blades fan - looks postive.

Congratulations on this signing, i have read the forums and there are doubt on his fitness but i have a season ticket witht the blades and can say that Caddy looks totally fine, his latest injury was totally unrelated to his knee, he looks sharp fast and caused real problems in out league so can guarentee he will in yours, a quality player who's only problem is his finishing but on a clean slate and with a burst of confidence i have no doubts he could be a 20 goal a season hitman! the amount of times the poor lad has seen a shot rocket off the post or be poached by a fellow striker, he gets many assists and even more third assists, he was unlucky the blades signed webber and saw the return of Kabba.

Also on the key of gray, yes he might have got 18 goals but was he always so lazy???
Put your money where your mouth is Beer, I will bet you any amount Cadders doesn't get 20 goals this season! We'll be lucky if we get 20 games out of him! lol
More chance of seeing you Sober at the end of a City game mate! lol
May 21, 2005
thats the kind of negative attitutde that will get us no-where. With his ability he should easy get 20 goals in this league. And if he can stay fit (a big IF i know) there is little doubt he will get at least that amount (in my mind anyway)


Mum ~ Granny Bantam
C&B Member
May 21, 2005
if we can squeeze that many out of windass, dc can certainly keep up...IF...and it's a BIG if, he can stay injury free....maybe he's been lucky so far..you know how we are with "injury free" players...they can be injury free for YEARS...then the minute they join city....

seriously though...i think this is great for us...cracking lad too
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