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Bradford v Tranmere FA Cup

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May 18, 2005
I've mentioned this on the OMB,

This game has been scheduled to overlap the Man U v Chelsea game on sky.

Pretty poor match scheduling when you take into account the game against Barnsley has been moved forward so it doesn't clash with the meaningless England international on the same day.

Not many people are going to be tempted into spending £18 when the football even though getting results has been boring to watch.
Last season the 1st round of the cup was watched by 4,171.
So add to that the fact Tranmere are going through an awful run of form (therefore bringing a low away support) and the draw of the biggest premiership game of the season occupying all the floating supporters and that 4,171 could possibly be lower this year.

If either a re-scheduled game or massive discount on admission prices isn't put into place we could see a LDV Vans cup tie size attendance.

Sad thing is Hudderfield have realised this and put the game forward to 1pm as not to clash with the TV game.
Not open for further replies.