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Cadamarteri to sign today say BFB

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Im not sure whether its a good thing or a bad thing. Pro he is good when fit (and when he tries). Con he is always injured and only seems to play well when theres a question mark over his future.

On a pay as you play prove your fitness contract id have him back. However i'd also want another striker just incase Mr. Glass breaks his feet when he runs too fast.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Think in this division he'd be a good signing if ( and its a big if ) he stays fit.

Pay as you play like you say would be a good option.

king billy

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May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
Cadders to rejoin City today

According to BFB - what do you reckon? He's a great player on his day but im surprised given his injuries weve signed him, injury free he could be the best player in this division IMO!

And yep admin -i know this should be in the City talk or other sections but i don't bloody read the other sections :D
May 22, 2005
Never been a great fan of Cadders simply because he his a lazy player and lives of his Everton days.Those who have seen him play for Bradford ask your self this question how many times did Cadders track back and help out during a match.I rest my case.



Not really a strikers job tracking back is it? BUt when he was playing from the left in robsons 433 he tracked back...not very fast or very far...but he at least tracked back...but you must realise he is a striker not a mid or def so tracking back is immaterial.

The main concern should be his fitness and injuries


May 18, 2005
I'm going to merge this thread so if it looks slightly odd ....... you know why.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
It's the if he stays fit and tries bit, as everybody has said.

Ability wise, he is Premiership material. It's getting it out of him, but if he can be made to perform he could rip this division apart.


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
mixed feelings like everyone else about Caddi. If he wants his career to take off, he will have to put in the effort, if not then it will be a poor signing. No way of knowing what is in his mind though. He has been injury prone as well,mmmm
on the right sort of deal where he has to play and prove himself then I would say It could be a key signing for us this summer - lets hope It comes off along with others being neotiated now.
I asked JP if we are actaully in talks with Cadas.

He replied:
Talks have been ongoing between the club, Danny Cadamarteri and his agent.

Then someone asked why hasn't he signed yet

JP replied:
Colin Todd is on holiday now - as is the player.

Even if the player was to return it could not happen until 7 July as Football League rules prohibit a player returning to a club within 12 months of leaving.

So another month until Cadas will be signing if he does!
Mr Leghorn, how many games did you seen Cadders play for City?

I've said it elsewhere, but the year we were relegated from the old division 2 Cadders fought a one man war against relegation. The man was light years above anyone else in our team. He worked particularly well with Wallwork, and the thought of DC working with Smythe, Morrison and Windass was/is something I was very much looking forward to.

Although not quite in the same league as Blakey. I reckon Cadders is in the same mould, and all CT needs to do is put an arm around him, tell him he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, light the blue touch paper, stand back, and watch him go!
May 22, 2005
Mr Loyal.
I have seen Cadders play in all his home apperances,due to being a season ticket holder for the last 15 years, and yes he had a few good games but this talk of him re-signing for Bradford as had cold water poured on it by Julian Rhodes.
Now if this move as been scrapped due to financial reasons then the club must stand firm and not give in to the player or his agents demands.Loyalty these days means nothing in the sporting world just ask Colin Todd about our latest transfer fiasco,Stephen Hunt
I know it must be hard for Toddy to get the right players in to take this club forward with out breaking the bank but that's the situation the club is in and only success on the field will change that.Untill then we will just have to be supportive and positive, after all we only want whats best for the Bantams.
Mr Leghorn

From what I can gather the deal fell through because DC wasn't willing to sign on a pay as you play deal.

I fully understand that we can't throw money about willy nilly, and for the time being I shall continue to be supportive, however, I can't help but think we've missed a golden opportunity to sign a player that was guarenteed to perform every time he played who was also capable of turning an average season into promotion, and I personally would much rather take a punt on an injury prone player who has proved he can play at a higher level than Mr A N Other currently languishing in Wycombe reserves who we can get for tuppence ha'penny.

As we saw last season, the difference between a play-off spot and mid-table mediocrity is small. Danny Cadamatari could have made that difference, I very much doubt any further signings Todd makes will be capable of doing that. That reminds me, where are Craig Armstrong and Paul Tierney playing now?
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