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Carling Cup

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With the draw set for the 28th June (Tuesday)....do we need to rely on an easy draw and will our poor performance in the cups continue????

IMO - We need to play our strongest team, mainly cos we need a good run for the cash (while i appreciate our bread and butter is the league).

If you were Toddy would you play your strongest team or save them for the league????
May 18, 2005
Strongest team as lets face it confidence went after the cup losses last season, and as you say we could do with the cash. We could stick a couple of the kids on the bench to use if we are 3 or 4 goals up, that way we get the best of both worlds.
We will definately get a lower league team cos we are seeded!!!!

If u finish above 12th in L1 you get seeded.
Not open for further replies.