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Cassano on loan to city ?

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hello everybody

I support AS Roma who have colours a bit similar to Bradford City

My favoutrite players are Totti and Montella

I drink Guinness in The Shamrock - it is cheaper in Rome than it is in Dublin.
In England my favourite drink is Black Sheep Bitter

I wish you would sign Cassano on loan as he is a useless diver who only plays well for Italy and never for the Giallorosso
yes it's me - only found out about this board when in contact
with tournesol a couple of days ago
May 20, 2005
I can get Stood to prove once and for all if it is THE Stood if he answers this question.

The last time you came to the George to a Shippers meeting what Pub did we give you a lift to afterwards and why did you walk straight back out??

Only the real Stood would know the answer to this question.

If it is Stood...welcome back!
May 25, 2005
Belgian Flanders
Course it's Stoodley. I gave him the address of this place and within a day he had turned up.

Incidentally, I hope nobody ever calls City the "YellowRed" (giallorosso). Maroon and yellow is bad enough.
I two have a soft spot for the VIOLAS
Fiorentina's ground is not of course a patch on Valley Parade
BUT they have super fans to go with their gaudy colours

I saw them at home in Serie A last season
are you referring to the man who sat on the England under 21 team bench
and declined to go on as a sub so he could instead play for a bunch of jocks ?

if so his real name is ****er
Not open for further replies.