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City Handicap Bet - get it while its hot

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Bradford have been given a +15 points hadicap for this season by blue square - the odds are 18-1. Effectively if we finish within 15 points of the leaders then your bet is successful. This is great value as most places have us around 20-1 to win the league outright and as little as 6-1 to gain promotion.

In recent seasons teams who have finished as low as 6th have been within 15 points of the leaders, so if people really rate our chances of going up but arent confident about us winning outrigh then this could be the value bet for you all.

heres a link to previous final standings for league 1 http://www.sportnetwork.net/main/s351/st53123.htm

£10 stake would pay 180 smackers which would go a long way towards funding a celebratort p1ss up on the final day of the season.

fill ya boots,

Father Christmas


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May 18, 2005
Oldham with a 15 point head start over Forest, 13 over Bristol C and 11 over Tranmere look good value.
come on boys it used to be called division 2 prior to last year didnt it! the link allows you to navigate back previous years - but its effectively the same league we are in now!
the link to the betting site is www.bluesq.com

but unfortunately you'll have to navigate to the league one section and the handicap betting all by yourself.

last season we would have had to have finished somewhere near hull for the bet to have paid off but to be honest luton flew miles ahead.

If the league leaders get around the 90 mark then the best ius tremendous value - anyway it was just a suggestion lads.

The link was correct for its purpose - that is looking at the league tables from previous years to gague where we would need to finish for the bet to be successful.
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