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City to sign new Keeper?

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Reports suggest that CT is interested in signing Lincoln keeper Alan Marriot as back-up to Donovan Ricketts.

Marriot Is/was a Welsh International & a hugely experienced goalkeeper.
I think he would be a good signing for our club!


May 18, 2005
Why a first choice keeper would want to come play second fiddle is beyond me.

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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Is this another "heard it here first" threads if so i think we can take it for granted hes not coming then...

It will all seem ok then his agent will scupper the deal eh.....lol

I agree though Parrot he would give DR a run for his place in the sticks...
May 20, 2005
Which ever keeper we sign as back up will get their chance first time Ricketts goes on International duty. If Ricketts intends to go play everytime Jamaica call him up, then he has to be prepared to fight for his place when he gets back and we need to have Three keepers available to us capable of first team footy next season.
Parrot your getting Andy Marriot confused with Alan Marriot.

Andy Marriot IS a vastly experienced Welsh international.

The keeper we are after-Alan Marriot, is a 26 year old Englishman who has played for Lincoln for several years.

Mind you Lincoln fans seem to like him and they think he could do the buissiness in league 1 and make the step up. The only problem they can forsee-the problem he has always had is that at 5'11 he has a small frame.
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