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Colin Todd - AGAIN....

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May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
I've waited most of the day to calm down and not appear knee jerk - but seriously i'm beginning to question not only our managers ability - but his feckin sanity!!

Taking off Muirhead and replacing him with a defender - Emmanual (crap un at that), whilst leaving local lad and reserve team scorer for fun Sanasy on the bench - with 10 minutes remaining and a goal down is one of the strangest substiutions i've ever seen.....:mad:

Reading todays various reports he's said (and i'm not joking) to various reporters that

a) we should have won
b) we deserved a draw
c) hudders knocked us out of our stride and we couldn't get back into it....

So how the fuck does he actually read the game? How can the same man say we deserved to win, loose and draw??

Were stuck with Todd - there's no way we'll sack him, but history will show him to be another Hutchince, Jeffries and Law.....ie, chuffing clueless!!


Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
i'm sure he'd make better subs than toddy but i dont think he'd be up to it. He only comes up to city on matchdays and trains elsewhere so it'd involve a massive overhaul of his life and may disrupt his family just when they are getting settled into near milwall.


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May 19, 2005
We can all names for the possible new manager, but at the end of the day it will be down to

1. Who is available
2. Who will work for a small salary
3. Who will work with the players we have, not much money for new players if any.
4. Who is prepared to come and work in this tight financial enviroment.

Like you say Matt, I doubt if we are in a position to recruit anybody else, but if Todd cannot get his act togther, then it is the bottom we are looking at. Why does he not think before making a press statement?
Have to say i think if we dont make the playoffs this season we will be relegated next. Lots of players out of contract, wage cuts, imagine how many Damian Stewarts he could bring in!

To be honest i think Todd is suited to managing in the Championship, hence getting Bolton promoted, defensive tactics, let Championships sides attack you and play good football and then hit them on the counter...repeat for every game of the season. Down here if someone is playing sh*t football against us we have no counter for it and just play rubbish ourselves.

I sincerely hope that if we do not make the playoffs this year then we replace Todd at the end of the season.

Mind you with The Don, Bridge Wilko and Windass back it wouldnt surprise me if we played rubbish all season and snuck into the playoffs on fluke and pure luck.

IMO Claridge would be a better manager than Todd......got Weymouth to the FA Trophy Final, took them from nearly the bottom of their league to the top....then they faced financial trouble, big wage cuts, Claridge could do nothing for them.

If Todd was to go then i would say that Claridge would almost certainly 99% be given at least a couple of months to earn a longer managerial contract by Julian Rhodes.
By the way i'd also like to point out that i think if we miss out on the playoffs this year i think we will do a Hudders, go down to league 2 and then bounce back straight with another manager. (Preferably McCall or Claridge).


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
I think

Todd being at VP is doing our chances harm i think a poor team flagging attendances i'm sorry but am i the only one who thinks that Todd is not going to do fuck all with City
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