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Come on lads lets get the optimism back for the Dongs game

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Before the Southend game everyone was buzzing, a crowd of over 8,000 on a tuesday night against Southend proves that people actually believed in our ability. I thought the atmosphere was okay last night and the players responded well to it. Bridge Wilko urged the crowd on once or twice beckoning the Kop to get louder and the team became more attacking the louder it became.

Doom and gloom and 'the jury is out' before even the beggining of the game is partly what drags us down, the fans are negative from the beggining so the players retreat into a hole. I say lets recreate the positive vibes that we felt from the start of the Southend game, if we do that and the team still underperform then we cannot be blamed.

Todd can play as negative as he likes and tell the team to play like we do away all he likes but if we make the noise then the players adrenaline starts flowing and they start attacking as they did on Tuesday night.

Something i liked on Tuesday was that the team didnt really give in, true we were restricted to a small amount of chances but we worked hard, one or two kept playing easy balls but i was particularly impressed with the likes of Taylor and Petta who i doubted before the game. If Petta lost the ball he would run after the opposition player and try to win it back, not like Summberbee who would have just gave in.

Lets not get outsung by fifty MK Dongs fans again, get that positive vibe back and i think the team will excell themselves because they know they have something to play for besides themselves.

The fickle and the weak sway and falter after two games, keep on supporting the lads until they have either proven that they are worthy of our vocal support or that they are not worthy of it.

Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
know what you mean about being outsung, i sing till i get a sore throat but must be one of he only 100 or so in the ground to do so. This is why we need the city end back, the atmosphere would be so much better with all the singers concentrated in one place
Trouble Is Dbantx wasn't the fact we lost at home last night, its the fact that we've had to endure losing most off our home games for the last 2 seasons! Im sure fans from other clubs wouldnt have stood by their club with the same amount of patience as us!

I'd like to know any other team in the Prem & Football league with a worse home record than us over the last few season, I bet their isn't one!

On top of that Is the Gestapo-like stewards who seem to have been instructed to make VP a "Fun-free" zone, which makes the atmosphere at VP boring! NO Flags,NO Banners, NO Standing, NO singing = NO Fun =NO atmosphere!!!

Then theres the "Shambles" that was the ticketing & service in the Bantams Bar last night. Any person going to the game with a view to go more often this season, would surely have been persuaded otherwise by last nights fiasco!
So did Sheff Weds,Brighton,Coventry & Grimsby (the teams below us in home form)have worse home records than us this season? I think not!
I still think we played positively on Tuesday night. Southend however looked an okay side and managed to mark Windass out of the game which was a smart decision by Tilson. The passing at times was very good and i think the fact that the fans got behind the team helped encourage them to do that.

Speaking to a few Doncaster and AFC fans after MK's game on Tuesday night if we play the passing game they said we WILL win. So please no b*tching before kick off or if we arent breaking through or go a goal down the players may well sh.it themselves if we start getting on their back. Im not saying when the fans turn on the players it is an entire reason for them losing the game, after all the players put themselves in that position in the first place, however im sure a stadium a quarter full of moaning b*tching people screaming bloody murder at the players cant help our chances.
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