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Cooke or Cadders???

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Who do you think Is the better partner for Deano?
Cooky Is a good, Intelligent player with plenty of movement & a never say die attitude, but does he score enough goals for a striker?

Cadermarteri Is all pace & dribbles which can cause opponents all sort of problems, but i dont recall him being a prolific goalscorer either!

I wonder if Deano is the problem?
Maybe Cadders & Cooky take a more backstage role when Deano is playing & are happy to let him knock in the goals & take all the glory?

I think its about time Deano's strike partner, whoever it may be, starts to stamp their authority on the game & start getting in amongst the goals.

Personally I would stick with Cooky like CT has been doing, bringing Cadders on to run at tired defenders in the later stages of the game.
May 18, 2005
I would stick with things as they are as the goals are going in but i would like to see more of the Cooke and Cadds partnership maybe in cup games to see how it looks.


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
well for me Cooke played the best game I have seen him play in the claret and amber yesterday. He couldn#t seem to score no matter what he did, if he keeps getting chances like that he is bound to score. I would leave him in for a couple of more matches and see if he starts to put them away. However, I want two strikers in the team, that way when the midfield chip in as well, we can beat most teams. So his dry spell can't go on for much longer.
May 20, 2005
Being a part timer that hasn't been to any games yet and not being or ever having been an "Uber Fan" I don't feel qualified to comment. But on last season. I'd say Cooke. He can actually do the things that Ashley Ward was supposed to be able to, but couldn't. However. I've always been one of those who subscribes to the theory that a fully fit Cadders could be the best and most frightening player in the League. So it's a tricky one.

I bet Deano loves playing at the side of Cooke. I also bet, despite Todds insistance that he bought Cadders as a striker. Cadders will find himself on the right. Which means one of the midfielders will have to give way. BMW picks himself and Muirhead was supposed to have performed really well yesterday. So I would say, It'll be Muirhead or Kearney that makes way for Cadders eventually with BMW moving to the middle.


C&B Member
Jun 20, 2005
thats the difference between this season and last,we've now got players on the bench that are first teamers.I want to see D.C down the middle getting in the box with the other forward.I wondered if thats why deano came off when chasing a hatrick,to get a glimpse of AC/DC together.
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