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CT is on holiday from next week...no need to panic

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I've heard people saying Colin Todd is on holiday as of next week so if we do not hurry up with these 'imminent' signings we are supposedly in trouble.

It does not matter where he is, from what we have heard he is negotiating most of the deals by mobile anyway, and when the players meet to discuss terms we have heard that they meet with Julian Rhodes more than anybody else. I have a feeling Todd will just be ringing back from his hols whilst laying on the beach telling Julian who to offer contracts and who to stop chasing.
Like you said there's no need to panic........yet!

Im sure that the club will be left in more than capable hands with the likes of Bobby Davison & JR still at the club.
CT will no doubt have "Briefed" them on who to contact ect. while he's away in the Sun!

We will probably see some activity in the early part of this week as regarding players coming to the club.
Let's hope they are the quality types that we need to improve the squad other than mere one's to "Bolster" our ranks!


Lets hope Torquay sign Cadamarteri like it suggests they may on BFB so we dont have to take a step backwards in signing him.

We can get some real forwards in then who will be available to us all the time.


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May 20, 2005
If we get him on a pay as you play deal then ok by me. Cannot see anyone taking a risk without a get out clause can you.


If he can keep fit then he Is a definite must In this division - with his ability to play up front , wide left and behind the front 2 It gives us more options.
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