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CT moaning about Agents

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well they are here to stay and you have to deal through them to sign most players these days.
the OMB talks of JRhodes getting his fingers burnt previously when dealing with agents.
Sorry to say It but It seems to me to be the wrong way to go about things expecting to not have to deal with players reps .
It's more likely our refusal to budge on wage demands that Is hampering players signing for us - but no one will argue with the clubs stance now .
Sounds to me like It could be a trying summer for the club In strengthening the squad - most of our competitors appear to have more funds available than us .


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May 19, 2005
I doubt that beaver, they will be doing what we did borrowing money to pay for players demand in the hope that they can get promotion.
I'm sure they are bg , Interesting reading that Oldham have substantial money available to spend - barely 2 years after they almost disappeared though debt !
I Just wonder how tight the situtation Is at VP - Not wishing to gossip but someone said they were very late paying wages In April and have changed Bankers - all speculation although the source of the Info was close to the club.


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May 19, 2005
I have no doubt that we are still struggling to keep our heads above water, and we will do for a few years yet. Unless alternative funds can be found, out budget is in the twiggy bracket, very very slim.


May 18, 2005
Things are going to be tight as hell around here for years to come and a lot of fans don't realise that. Lot's of them think we should be offering big wages because were out of administration but thats not the case, Every penny at this club is stretched as far as it can go, What im dreading is when the first years rent has to land in Gibb's bank account - That month is going to be one very nervous month for everyone at the club and people will be hoping we meet that installment date as i'm sure Gibb won't be flexible and will play hardball and maybe once again invalidate the CVA.

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May 21, 2005
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Agents are the result of the big money pumped in by Sky ...

If anyone is to blame its them....

Some would say they are parasites, but if it wasnt football and these guys worked for businessess we would all want them to get us the best deal for our product..

In fact in any other business these people would be gods... They get the best price for their products and ensure their own survival by doing that...

Yes i think they are bad for football but its footballs fault they are here... Its their job to sort some regulations out to sort them....
May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
Whilst we are undoubtedly "skint" - i think our hardship is being overplayed, according to our chartered accountant who has worked for various footy clubs - like L**ds and Halifax, we came out of admin with 90% of our debt being wiped out, the only real debt we have is 300k a year for 10 years - we are om a better financial footing then 90% of other football league clubs, whilst we don't have k's to spend we must be coping fairly comfortably - if you look around you don't see teams like Hudders chasing players of the ilk of Petta, Adebola, Cadders etc etc - remember our break even figure from gates (to survive comfortably) was home crowds of 6,800 - our average was nearly 8,800!!
I'll reserve Judgement on the financial side of things , but we are looking to a brighter future whoever we bring In this summer - the bulk of the squad Is already In place.
The club Is being run on a shoe string when you look at the structures elsewhere but maybe that will benefit us In times to come , the only problem Is the club miss out on a lot of activity off the pitch because of lack of hands on deck.
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