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Damion Stewart

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C&B Member
Jun 8, 2005
Today Bradford City signed one year contract with this 24-year player.
This charateristic I found in the site of his former club Harbour View

Stewpeas’ a typical Jamaican dish served hot and spicy embodies the tastes of our island in its own characteristic way – this reflects the nature of Damion to a tee.

International status beckons for his further involvement as a Reggae Boy and hopefully as a professional player overseas. He has not planted a foot wrong for the Senior team recently and has lead from the front in the last couple years for his club as he battles to climb that final hurdle to take his team up the steps again to receive the elusive Premier League Trophy since 2000. The humble surroundings of Sandy Park is bursting with anticipation of victory in his magnificent triumph to snatch the main prize of Jamaica’s football.
Not open for further replies.