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Nice to see that we will have a deeper squad this year. Last season as soon as we had two first team injuries we had to call in the loans...which in my opinion is partly the cause for our slip away from the playoffs.

Its a marathon not a sprint as we saw with the TB's overtaking us at the last minute, they have so many good young players coming through their academy they could afford to lose half of their preferred starting 11 and still field a squad of a good standard.

If these 5/6 players we bring in are of the same standard as the likes of Bridge-Wilko then its entirely possible for us to make a sustained promotion push.

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May 21, 2005
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Well with the new transfer system now imposed onthe lower leagues the need for a strong depth and youth system has never been higher..

If you do not have both come december your title bid could be out of the window if key players suffer early injuries...

We need these four or five signings to just compete on an even keel... The fact that Denton, Swifty and others are breaking through are an added bonus to the club...

The club should be quite strong this season, it will just come down to if they gel and where the injuries come....
Agreed with what you lot have said so far, the new transfer window means that quantity over quality will now be the order of the day.

Teams with more money than other's can no longer go out & buy quality replacement's for injuries & suspension's, so this should make for a more even playing field in the lower leagues.

It should also see the emergance of more younger player's who will have to fill the gaps that loan signing's ect. would have filled.

Beer was right though about us needing to take the load of Deano this season. We can't rely on him getting nearly 30 goals again so we need another goalscorer or maybe more goals from midfield. I can see BMW & Schuey getting close to 20 goals between them this season though!
Not open for further replies.