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Does JR trust CT?

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Apparently there's a meeting today between chairman & manager to discuss the signing of new players during the transfer window.
I think the outcome will show us how much faith JR as in his manager, reading between the lines though it seems to me that JR was more than hopeful of a push for the play-offs before the season.
He let CT sign ALL the players he'd targetted, hoping for a successful season:rolleyes: but despite us having a average wage bill for this division, teams like Colchester & Brentford are currently higher having the lowest wage bills in the division!
Now JR looks to have resigned himself to the fact that were probably not gonna finish in the top six, he say's we'll need to average 2 points a game for the rest of the season:eek:
I reckon that JR will tell CT today that other than signing Edgehill for another season (His contract runs out after saturdays game!), there will be no signings during this window!
IMO JR as lost faith in CT, hopefully this will mean he will try some of our OWN youngsters before the end of the season;)

BTW, I wonder what odds there is for JR & CT to leave the club at the end of the season:confused:, whatever happens in todays meeting will shape the future relationship between chairman & manager thats for sure!


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Jul 8, 2005
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Parrot said:
hopefully this will mean he will try some of our OWN youngsters before the end of the season;)

Jon Swift at right back perhaps? Can't think of others apart from Joe Brown that are still with us as CT shipped most of em out to Halifax, Farsley, Park Ave etc.

Think there is still faith there but the problem is balancing the risk-taking against the slim chance of play-offs. Can't see there being any money so it's whether Crooks and Petta go to free up some wages and even then we won't go mad.
Denvers,Denton,Swift, Penford, Brown ect... if they aren't treated in the same way as Forrest, Sanasy ie 10 mins here, 20 mins there:mad: , they may well come good like they have done at Halifax & Farsley where they have been given game after game to produce what they are capable of, alebit at a lower level, but im sure they'd have done the same here.
CT had the perfect opportunity to "blood" the youngsters when he gave up on last season (prematurely:mad: ) but chose to ignore them & played the likes of Tierney & Armstrong instead:mad:
All the youngsters need is someone who as faith & believes in their ability, then they will eventually come good ala Forrest, Sanasy & Wright.


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May 18, 2005
I haven't seen much of the youngsters and have only seen Swift 3 to 4 times play for City. It's hard to base how good a player is simply based on a handful of appearances but what I do know is Holloway us a player I have seen 20 to 30 times and apart from 1 or 2 decent appearances he has been shocking so there is no reason why someone else shouldn't be given a shot at right back from the youngsters or reserves.
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