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Dramatic increase in crowds providing we make the playoffs?

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The board seem to finally have the idea about bringing in fans for the future. Although their free tickets for u11's scheme may not initially be a huge success this year i think we will start to reap the benefits next year.

Ever wonder why Huddersfield get such 'MASSIVE' attendances. After a period of giving away cheap/free match tickets to kids their kids season tickets are now dirt cheap.

Success on the field will bring additional adults, adults brings children who can enter for free and bingo, great day out, watch a team win and they want to come back again.

If you like this year will be a sampler for the kids, they come along to Valley Parade and providing they see success on the field they will enjoy it. If the club abandon the u11's enter for free scheme next season but instead introduce dirt cheap kids season tickets what do you think the kids that came and enjoyed it will ask their parents?

IF we sort out the home form this year and IF we make the playoffs the air of depression will have lifted and regardless of promotion or not i think there will be an increase in season ticket sales and paying customers next year. With promotion the increase will be even more sizeable.

Were already seeing evidence of better support this year. 8,200 against Southend on a Tuesday night and 7,200 against MK Dongs. We would have been lucky to get 6,900 for either of these 'low profile' fixtures.

Therefore i think if we make the playoffs this year we will be on an even keel with Huddersfield next year crowd wise. (Incidently Huddersfield fans are already complaining about their own falling crowds as they cease to be a club sky rocketting to the Premiership :D )

IF we are promoted this year i predict the stay aways will return in mass as we cease to be a club in freefall and are instead a club on the rise.

Im not talking about mass as in our crowds will suddenly average 15,000 again, but mass as in we will be getting 11-12,000 every week without fear of it dropping below 10.

I for one know some stay aways (one or two relatives) who say if we go up they will buy season tickets, they have been season ticket holders before but the gruelling period of the two admins curbed their interest in the club.

Like the quid a kid scheme i think the u11's scheme will be a gamble that pays off big time.
May 20, 2005
You're deductions are spot on Danny.

The under 11 initiative will work a treat if we're in the melting pot by mid season....and by that I mean in the top 3 or 4. Touch wood, crowds could be as high as 13,000 this season if the lads are performing at home.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Derby adopted this idea a few years ago, letting youngsters in for nothing,
& due to this, they now have a good mature fan base,as well as youngsters.

City should target schools ,colleges & not just in Bradford, but also surrounding towns in the district.
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