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Dunkirk Spirit

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May 27, 2005
Perhaps pre season trepidation from me:

When the club had its back to the wall this time year and with the predictions of certain relegation by the so called experts - the players responded and gave us a pretty good season - I think most would agree.

Do you think that we will still have that spirit now we have come through last year and there will be tempatation for some players could be to relax more?

It is certainly important for CT and the fans last seasons dunkirk spirit is maintained and it is instilled in the new players. If the squad are not kept on their toes we could be looking at a fairly ordinary season - just as well there is now competition in most areas. The trick for CT/BD will to keep the players motivated/ up for it (in his squad) who are not involved initially or are dropped to make way - basically we will see how well CT and BD can perform in this different situation.

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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Success will breed ITS OWN motivation initially...

We have sen over the years teams in the prem "too good" to go down; but down they went. Leeds, Boro + Forrest spring to mind...

As long as the team keeps its own self belief and goes out WANTING to win we will achieve the correct results...

I fear more the complacency that could set in if we get off on a roll... Thats when the team needs looking after.. Some teams who get off to a flyer and are near top by Xmas end up at the opposite end come May..

Success breeds success.....Fingers crossed eh!!!:::
Not open for further replies.