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Forest Fans Confident about Saturday ;-)

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May 18, 2005
Forest Fan said:
It looks like Commons will be missing for this one and so a change of formation is possible - and I reckon if we lose then a change of manager beckons as well!
I don't under estimate Bradford, they have a very good record on the road and have only been beaten once - but anythings got to be better than last Saturdays humiliating display at Yeovil (whom I congratulated yesterday) we will do well to get 16,000 on Saturday believe you me!!
Hope this helps for those who are trying to predict the tie breaker question on the prediction league.

Kris Commons is injured so that has to be a bonus and it sounds like the fans are on the back of manager so if they start badly the crowd could go against them.

I think we'll sneak this with a 1-0 win, and with Forest a team who will come at us the game should be entertaining rather that a boring statemate.


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May 18, 2005
Also not sure if this was mentioned on here today but Megson let 2 fans into the dressing room after the game at Yeovil to express their concerns at the performaces of the team and how they have let the fans down who have travelled over 4 hours to Yeovil.

I have to say I've never heard of anything like that before.

BBC Website said:
Manager Gary Megson invited two fans into the dressing room to voice their frustrations after Nottingham Forest's dismal 3-0 defeat by Yeovil.

John Enever and Andrew Peel approached Megson and he allowed them to let off some steam after the match.

"We told him it was unacceptable and he said 'I completely agree with you - would you like to tell the players for yourselves?'," Enever told BBC Sport.

"We thought he was calling our bluff, but at the end of the game in we went."

Forest were trailing 2-0 to Yeovil at half-time when Enever and Peel spoke to Megson as he returned to the dugout after the interval.
The pair then followed Megson into the away dressing room and spoke to the players for five minutes.

"He asked us not to make it personal or abusive and we stuck to that. The players were shocked but we tried to keep it constructive," Enever told BBC Sport.

"We said 'the majority of Forest fans genuinely want you and the manager to do well, but that's not going to happen without basic application'.

"Gary Megson phoned me on Monday to thank us for what we'd said. He said he agreed with us 110% and that he would use it as a foundation for the rest of the season."

Forest, European champions in 1979 and 1980, have dropped down the divisions in recent seasons and are currently 11th in League One.

Megson took over last season but was unable to prevent the club's relegation from the Championship.

"I decided to do it because I felt it was important for the players to understand what the supporters are thinking and why they are getting upset," said Megson.
"The supporters didn't rant and rave, they were very eloquent and sensible. The players listened and I didn't disagree with anything they said."


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May 18, 2005
Saw somethin int paper about that this mornin.

The two lads said if they "get a result against Bradford then we want some commission"

Cant say i've ever heard owt like all this before..


C&B Member
May 27, 2005
Ahhhhhh a manager who listens to the fans,what a breath of fresh air that is.Pity Todd cant see what the majority of our fans can see at home games and his substitutions.:rolleyes:
jimmy said:
Ahhhhhh a manager who listens to the fans,what a breath of fresh air that is.Pity Todd cant see what the majority of our fans can see at home games and his substitutions.:rolleyes:

You is congratulatin Mr Megson but I bets if Mr Todd had done the same thing you would have said he was not a good manager cos he needs the fans to motivate the players!:D

Half time at forest:

Todd: Right, you lot have been crap first half so I have brought a fan in to tell y'all what he thinks......Meet Jimmy.

Holloway!!...you are fookin useless!..fook off back to the Dongs.
Ricketts!!...put the ganga away and listen to me boy....stop fookin flappin at crosses you tosser!
Petta!!...get some fookin consistancy you lazy dutch barsteward!!...you are like Juanjo on mogadon!
Deano!!...get in t'fookin game you clown, stop falling over and look like you're worth half a million not half a fookin crown!
And finally...TODD!!....Fook off you useless braindead twot!!!

:D :cool:

'Mr Motivator!'
Why would anyone want Todd out, we are currently sat in 6th if you didn't notice.

If anyone in this division should be fearful of the sack it's Brian Little at Tranmere.
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