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Frightens opposition defenses..

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Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
i see him as an ole gunnar skolskair super sub type character, coming on and mesmorising tired defenders with his amazing pace


he improved his finishing touch again last season and can cross well, (possibly could improve a bit more on that and positioning eg. corners and setting the forward up) not just a player a 'fantastic player' (or at least better than average), when he plays well he plays well, and passes well, an attacking midfielder, mainly wide, not a defender, and imo the ability to rescue a team, running with the ball is.. his strength, flamboyant but a hard worker, only thing is if a money offer comes in he could be off, he works hard off the pitch as well bonding with the supporters and helping the odd charity..
sub will be his position most of this season..
original post said Ace card but a lot of the City players should be not unpredictable but Aces
Not open for further replies.