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Hard line stance to hit Deano?

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The Football League are gonna take a harder stance against foul language aimed at officials by players this season.

I wonder if this will be detrimental to our expected promotion push this season?
Dean "Tourettes Syndrome" Windass will again be our main goalscoring threat again this season, If he falls foul of this new hard line approach, It could mean the difference between automatic promotion or the play-offs!

I heard you can now buy collars for dogs that stops them from making a noise when they bark.
Maybe CT should buy one for Deano to wear when he's on the pitch next season? :D :D :D


C&B Member
May 29, 2005
I think Deano has taken steps to calm his attitude, he did do about 12 game prior to the end of the season where he didn't get booked, not saying he won't but,if he doesn't swear then he's OK. Live in hope eh.
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