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Historical Help Needed

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May 25, 2005
The Netherlands
Hi All,

I have a signed football back in England. I just don't know what game it was from. It was won in a raffle 20 years ago to raise funds for the City Fire disaster.
It is a Mitre size 4. A lot of the names on the ball are now faded but I have picked out a few still very clear:
Stu McCall - Peter Jackson - Terry Dolan - Terry Yorath - Tony Clegg. I'm sure John Hendrie was also on there but he's faded. It looks like Peter Jackson has signed it twice though one could be somebody with a similar signature?
Now I'm hoping (very long shot) that somebody might have some bells ringing and remember when this could have been from? It could be from the fire game itself but it could have been from any time in the year following. It could even be from the England match but my brother reckons it is from the Lincoln game.

Can anyone help?

Can anyone list the players / managers from the Lincoln match, the England match or the last / first game from those seasons?

Not open for further replies.