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Holloway...this seasons Crooks?

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I can't believe how BAD Darren Holloway played yesterday, couldn't pass, couldn't defend, whats happened to the guy?
I thought he was bad last season but this year he seems to be surpassing bad & entering into abysmal!
There's probably a "player" in there trying to get out but I doubt we'll ever see it at VP, the lads confidence has totally evaporated.
This time last season Lee Crooks was getting the same abuse & rightly so, yet this season he appears to have come good & looks more like the part!
Maybe we should perservere with Holloway???
IMO Swifty & Edghill should be enough to send Holloway packing sooner rather than later:mad:
May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
The only reason i can see why Todd persevere's with him is because he's got height.....which neither Swift or Edghill have - although fullbacks aren't usually tall anyway - but Holloway is definately 3rd choice rightback in terms of ability - Edghill, Swift THEN Holloway.......

Holloway came to the Shippers meeting last year and to be honest he's a nice lad - i hope he re-discovers the form which had Wimbledon paying over a million quid for him - from what i've seen over the past two seasons though i think what were seeing is as good as it gets....:eek:

Apparently Edghill had a virus last week - hence his exclusion from the team - i bloody hope so though, he's definately a weak link!!

Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
he really is in the wrong decision, whould be playingin the confrence or lower. When i saw him warming up with the rest of the team on saturday i was shitting myself - he managed to show why!
May 20, 2005
Holloway is last season's Holloway. Crooks wasn't all that bad last seaon and isn't bad at all last season. Holloway IS crap.

If you mean in the respect is Holloway last season's Crooks in the respect that he's the target of boo boys that know knack all, then maybe. But at least with Holloway, they are probably right.
May 19, 2005
Clown comes tom mind, had a laugh in the YFS, didnt we steve?
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