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IF we get to the LDV Final at the Millenium Stadium

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Two questions, IF we get to the LDV Vans Trophy final at the Millenium Stadium:

1) Who from the southern section do you hope to play?
2) How many fans do you think we'd take?

I know on number one a few people will be saying Swansea, it is local for them and they would take 20-30,000 at a guess...however i get the feeling they'd take more than us as well as beat us, theyre a better team than us at the moment. However playing a league 2 team in the final wouldnt attract enough of our fans and the event would possibly become a big anti-climax.

For moi it has to be a medium sized league 1 club in the final who we can beat and who would take a few. So for me it has to be

1: Walsall (yes they are in the southern section for some reason), IMO they would take close to 15,000. That and we can beat them.

2: Approx 16,000-25,000. Its a tough one predicting the City support. One things for certain if by some miracle we get there then i'd persuade as many of my mates to come as possible, even if they dont like football, no better time to get them interested than a cup final.

On a side note i wonder how many MK Dongs would take to the final if they got there, im not wishing them success or anything but they have a new 30,000 capacity stadium on the way and plenty of potential support.

Go on then lads, give us yer thoughts.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Think we'd take anything between 10000-20000 and wouldnt be too bothered who we got. Wouldnt really care seen as we'd of got to a cup final.
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