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Is this the new defender???

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Your right there and I agree with you not sure hed be the best signing but as back up goes acceptable.
Thing is an average run of the mill league 1 backup defender would be a waste of wages. Wetherall will not last much longer than this year or maybe next so we need to be looking at a long term replacement, someone who could succeed him and be just as good if not better. IMO we do not need bench warmers we need players who will be fighting for a starting place.
'Want MBW a backup midfielder....'

Was not calling anybody rubbish, MBW is a one of our best players. However we need quality on the bench ready to push him for his place, not just average league 1 bench fillers.
May 18, 2005
Dbantx i was just looking at his stats for last season and he made 43 starts so by the looks of it he is a first team regular. I for one think he would be a good signing as he covers both centre back and right back which gives us options we currently lack.

Not sure if we should be "holden" out for a different player then!!! :eek:
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