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I've just figured out why our strikers are not scoring...

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May 25, 2005
The Netherlands
CT doesn't want our strikers scoring.

Let's look at the facts...

Deano has only scored from the penalty spot in the last 30 games. He's got his spot well sealed. And the older he gets, the slower he gets and the more guaranteed he is to start. And didn't Windass twice say "...as long Todd is here, I'll be here. I love him, he's great. He tells me I'm great. We're great together. Ooh hello ducky, do you like my hair, I'm thinking of dying it pink next week to match that lovely lad Holloway's pubes. He's lovely is our Darren. He's my bitch. I'm Colin's bitch. And Colin's a real big boy don't you know. Tee hee tee hee tee hee... he'll probably give me a nice spanking for telling you that." So if JR gives Todd 10 years then Windass will be playing ten more years.

Cadders has been given a good run in the team and is not scoring. He looks well set too.

Cooke did not score for 200 matches and was not dropped. He then went on to break his ten year duck and was dropped immediately. 20 games later CT thought he must be out of practice so gave him a chance because Windass failed to miss a penalty. Unfortunately Cooke disobayed orders and scored again. 2 goals in 2 games... whad a mistayka ta mayka. He's well out of the picture now and won't even make the bench.

Joebo better watch out, he's scored in the LDV but CT is willing to overlook that. He's going to be given a handful of 5 minute cameo's and if he can get some decent form together and not touch the ball very much, miss a few sitters then he's got to be vying for a place from the start.

Claridge... well Todd thought a 60 year old would have no chance at this level but his 4 goals unsettled CT and even though he went through a fine spell of 5 games without scoring, CT isn't sure he's the right man for the job yet. He's going to give him a 5 year contract and has him penned in to partner Windass full time in 2 seasons time.

Forrest decided he would become a middy... that'll relieve the pressure on him, at least he can probably score a few next season without the fear of being dropped.

Sanasy? 65 goals in 2 games for Farsley Celtic... He's well fooked.
Not open for further replies.