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January transfers are the make or break of our season

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I fail to see how anybody could argue our squad does not need improving. Julian Rhodes, Todd and Brown have all said that we will most likely be able to bring in a couple of players in January and IMO whether or not we make the playoffs will rely mostly on whether we bring in the right men.

If we buy two players with the commitment and consistency of Petta and skill of Morrison IMO it will NOT improve our squad.

However if we buy two players of the skill of Adebola and the consistency of him too then we will make the playoffs.

Hell i know it sounds like i worship Adebola but he was truly quality and we desperately need an Etherington-esque consistent winger and an Adebola esque striker.

Lets pray Colin Todd has the connections and we can get the players we need in with the small amount of funds we have.

Our defense is excellent and with the right additions we will make the playoffs but i fear we will just buy more sh*t. Craig Armstrong anybody :rolleyes:
Sorry mate, but i for one wouldn't trust CT with my spare change, never mind a warchest!:mad:
Safe the money for the next manager;)
Not open for further replies.