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Jimmy Now Todd

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C&B Member
May 27, 2005
have put there reputations on the line.I of course did it 4 games ago and it takes a brave man to voice his opinions and make bold statements.This is because the ones who dont openly say what they think,then jump on the said person and try to riddicule them if they are wrong.Ed has had his little dig at me,but It was 4 games back when i made my opinion public and if you look at the Colchester and Doncaster games we should have lost both,so the predictions have been slow to blossom,but they are getting there.I dont want to be a tw/t i am so passionate about City it hurts me.I find it so hard to believe that some people think Todd is going to wave a magic wand and get us up the League.The home form is a disgrace and the crowds are going down.I have predicted 4 results since then and got Swindon wrong,i got a lucky draw against Colchester spot on,got Donny right a draw and said we would lose to the Tbs.
Now Todd has said hes had a good chat to his players and said we will see a different team against Port Vale,so lets just see if the players are going to perform for him.This game could possibley tell us all if the players dont perform for him,as hes stuck his neck on the line.I personally hope they do,as all i want is City to win and get promoted,but im going to say the players wont perform for him and we will lose.Que Saturday tea-time if City win.Oh boy will i get some stick.:D
Not open for further replies.